Wooden letters that spell out the word Impact

Sting vs. Thud: What Your Impact Toy Will Feel Like

The most common question we get about our impact toys is about sensation – what they feel like when you use them.  Is this paddle stingy or thuddy?  Every impact play toy you try will have its own unique sensation. And there are a lot of variables that determine what...

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blog banner with comic bubble that says what's new in sepia tones to announce new features for the kinkery

New Features on the Kinkery | December 2020

We consider ourselves the little kinky shop that could. While the Kinkery is technically a “new” shop, we’ve been in business in other forms since about 2017. The first iteration of the shop was super basic, but here, we want to offer a ton of features that you might find...

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feminine hands holding leather paddle and flogger in sepia tones

6 BDSM Toys for Next Level Spankings

If you want to upgrade your spanking fun, a good kinky toy is the way to go. Here are six types of BDSM toys great for next level spanking and impact play fun.

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sepia toneds muscular masculine superhero figure standing to left with billowing cape and hands on hips

The Kinkery Origin Story

The Kinkery's origin story might not be as fascinating as a superhero's but we do have a beginning that dates back to 2016.

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Delrin Canes(4)

Delrin canes pack a bigger punch than you think they will. These types of kinky toys are the very definition of “looks can be deceiving.” If caning is part of your impact play fun, choose from multiple sizes and enjoy the sting of the cane and the comfort of either hand-turned wooden or resin handle.…

Evil and Diabolical Sticks(4)

Evil sticks -- and their mean cousin, Diabolical Sticks -- are a bit like mini canes except they hurt more, can be used in tight spaces, and require very little effort to bring the pain. Pull the tip back slightly and let it go against the skin. Even the happiest masochist will have to admit…

Gift Cards(3)

Gift cards are the perfect option for the kinkster in your life who might be difficult to shop for -- or when you need a last minute gift. Let them pick their own weapon of ass destruction or new favorite bit of kinky fuckery! Gift cards never expire, can be used with coupons, and are…

Kinky Keychains(1)

Want to have a little piece of kinky fuckery with you, outside of BDSM play time? Check out our kinky keychains and always have a reminder of seriously fun times with you, wherever you go.

Paraffin Candles(6)

Paraffin wax play candles are the hottest candles you can safely use for wax play. The melting point is 124º Fahrenheit. Anything hotter, and you could hurt yourself. Our paraffin wax candles come in multiple colors and in two sizes. They're made of 100 percent paraffin and liquid dye. They're also fragrance-free. If you prefer…

Resin Inlays(2)

Resin inlay paddles allow for a certain customization of your spanking paddle. A unique shape is cut out of the wood -- all the way through -- and filled in with resin. You choose the shape and the color and get a personalized paddle to use in your kinky fun.

Sensation Play(2)

Not all kinky fun has to involve pain. Sensation play incorporates multiple feelings and experiences (including pain). Our wooden knives are perfect for sensation kinks without the hard limit concerns or very real fears of a knife blade. Enjoy the sharp edge and pokes of a knife while staying within your personal boundaries and limits

Soy Candles(6)

Soy wax play candles are the gentlest heat available for those who don't enjoy the burning or sharp sensation from other candles. Soy has a melting point between 115 and 120º Fahrenheit, the coolest available wax play candle that's safe for the skin. Choose from a variety of colors and two sizes. Soy is great…

Spanking Paddles(16)

Who doesn’t love a good wooden paddle for a spanking, whether over-the-knee (OTK) or bent over a table or bed? We offer a variety of spanking paddle styles, some you’ve probably tried in the past, and some you haven’t. All handmade from multiple wood types. Some are thuddy and some sting. They all feel solid…

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