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New Products, Updates, and More: September 2021

blog banner with comic bubble that says what's new in sepia tones to announce new features for the kinkery

We’re preparing for the holiday season, to help all our kinky friends give the gift of kinky fuckery and weapons of ass destruction! Which means we’ve got sooooo much going on right now — with more to come. Here’s a quick update! New Products: Ass Beater and Ass Beater, Jr. When we first started making paddles, the best wood we could easily get was red oak. Over time, the quality and availability has decreased while the cost has gone up. No, thanks. We knew we could do better, and so we started looking for something better. Now that we shop[…]

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New Product: Dynamic Keychain Set

sepia toned image of tag that says new product with rope-like string attached on wooden background as a concept for new products from the kinkery

The Kinkery is owned and operated by a loving, long-term kinky couple. We’re swimming in our cuteness most of the time, and we adore each other to pieces. We also know that plenty of other kinky couples feel the same way, but it’s not always easy to show the connection of a power exchange in a public setting. That’s where the idea for the Dynamic Keychain Set was born. We continue to love and use all types of wood, but we’re also expanding into resin products as well. When we came across a set of keychain resin molds — with[…]

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New Product Alert: Kinky Stickers!!

sepia toned blog banner with assortment of new kinky stickers -- sticker sheets, planner stickers, and die cut stickers

This announcement feels like a long time in the making but really, the idea was born around November 2020 when I fell down a rabbit hole of videos on YouTube. First, it was “how to make stickers” and then it was “studio vlogs making stickers.” From there, I watched reviews and tutorials on Cricut machines, sticker paper, and printers. And here we are…the day we’re ready to share our latest product. In fact, it’s a full category of products with many, many options: Kinky Stickers! Why Stickers? Because they’re fun! Because they let you celebrate your kinks! And because I[…]

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