Shipping Update for International Customers

In an effort to make ordering easier for international customers, we've updated our shipping processes.

At the end of 2020, we made a small (but important) change to the shopping experience for customers located in the United States: flat rate shipping. The plan was always to add the same option for international customers, and we’re finally getting there, slowly but surely.

International Flat Rate Shipping

If you’re a customer living outside the United States who has shopped with us (or tried to), you might have seen ridiculously high shipping charges upon checkout. We know the system we used to calculate shipping was quoting prices of more than $50 in a lot of cases. When we knew about it for individual customers, we worked around it — usually by giving a refund of the difference in high postage costs and the more reasonable prices a customer should have been charged. But doing that long-term was never going to be sustainable. So we’ve started the transition to flat rate shipping charges for international countries.

Currently we have five countries set up with flat rate shipping:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

We will add more countries over the summer months. If your country is not listed (yet), please contact us and we can make sure to add it to our next update.

Please note: All orders ship discreetly. The custom form will say something like “keychain” or “stickers” or “wooden novelty item.” We do not pay customs fees for international orders.

How Does Flat Rate Shipping Work?

Flat rate shipping allows us to charge one of a few potential prices to ship your order. It’s not based on the amount you spend (except for US orders where orders of $75 or more ship free) but on the physical size of the order: box size and/or total weight. We also include a flat rate for “expedited” shipping which gets your order to you a bit faster.

  • Orders that fit into a small envelope will be the least expensive (up to $5 to ship)
  • Orders below or above a certain weight and/or box size (which varies from country to country) will be offered a “standard” shipping rate
    • For countries that have multiple size/weight requirements, there are different shipping costs based on your specific order. Add or take away a single item from your order, and your shipping costs may fluctuate.
  • Expedited orders (regardless of weight) will cost the most. This option is available with every order.

Our shipping carrier of choice is USPS because its currently the most affordable option. That doesn’t mean we might not change in the future but this allows us to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Standard shipping is sent First Class International and expedited shipping is sent Priority Mail International. We base estimates on your order’s arrival on information provided by the post office but there are no guarantees, especially with international shipping.

We know that most of our customers are located in the United States, but for our international customers, we want to make shopping (and shipping) as easy as possible. This is a big step in that direction.



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