New Features on the Kinkery | December 2020

We consider ourselves the little kinky shop that could. While the Kinkery is technically a “new” shop, we’ve been in business in other forms since about 2017. The first iteration of the shop was super basic, but here, we want to offer a ton of features that you might find at any big-name store. That means we’ll continue to add not only new products but new features to benefit our customers. This month, we’re happy to announce two new features, one that’s just in time for the holidays!

Kinkery Gift Cards

Let’s start with the one that might make your gift-giving life a little easier — gift cards. Want to get your BFF a new paddle but don’t know what they already have in their toy bag? Want your Dominant partner to buy a new toy to use on you but don’t want to make the choice for them? Need a quick gift for a kinky holiday event? Whatever the reason, we’ve got what you need: Kinkery gift cards!

Choose from $25, $50, or $100 increments. You can send it immediately or schedule it to be emailed on a specific date. When they get their gift card, they can use it to purchase any product in the shop, even if it’s on sale or clearance. And they can still use any available coupon codes (like the 10 percent off they get if they subscribe to our newsletter) when making purchases with their gift card.

Feel free to choose a Kinkery gift card for any gift-giving occasion: the holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

Waitlists for Out of Stock Products

If you watched or listened to our launch episode over at Loving BDSM, you know we’re struggling with product development this year. COVID-19 slowed down everything, including the production of much-needed tools, like the bandsaw required to make new paddles. That means, more often than we’d like, we run out of products that you might want, and it takes longer than usual to re-stock them.

To make life easier for you and ourselves, you can now join waitlists for out-of-stock products. Once we re-stock, you’ll receive an email notification that it’s back. This means you’ll be one of the first to know it’s available. If you still want it, you’ll be able to purchase it before it sells out again. You’ll also be able to manage your waitlists from your shop account, too. When you sign up for the waitlist, that gives us an idea of how many we need to make, and it means you don’t have to stalk the site or our social media accounts just to find out if a product is back in stock!

In 2021, we’re going to focus on product development, especially once that new bandsaw arrives! But if there are other features you’d like to see in the shop, let us know! If it’s something we can add, we will!




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  1. Even though I’m sure JB would not want to test the prototype, 🤣, I would love if you made “humblers”.
    I truly believe would appeal to your male Sub audience!

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