About the Kinkery

The Kinkery is the home of weapons of ass destruction and other BDSM playthings and kinky fuckery delights made by John Brownstone and (maybe one day) Kayla Lords. What began as a simple wood turning hobby in our garage has turned into an online shop made to help our fellow kinksters bring the pain (among other sensations) into their bedrooms, BDSM dungeons, and scenes.

You may or may not know us from our original shop, aka The Kinky Fuckery Shop, or from Loving BDSM, where we help kinksters have happy, healthy power exchange relationships. If you’re completely new here: Hi, we’re so glad to meet you! We’re kinksters who’s first kinky love is impact play. He’s a sadist who loves to cause and hear a squeal or scream of pain, and she’s a masochist who wants the kind of deep thudding pain that feels like a deep tissue massage and illicits groans of pleasure. Together, we play with impact and pain whenever possible. (With two kids and a business to run, it’s not as often as we’d like — but is it ever?)

Every style of paddle is “tested” on Kayla’s ass, so when you ask if it’s stinging or thudding, we can tell you. And even though she hates canes, she’s endured them in the name of fuckery and quality control. Other products you’ll find have come from John Brownstone’s imagination, creativity, and his desire to find a workaround for a hard limit or two (hence wooden knives). Some products are the result of a special order and enough people saying, “Ohhhh, I’d like one of those, too!” (That’s where the wooden anal plugs come from if you wondered.)

What does all this mean for you? Our products are personal to us, and also, yes, we’re open to suggestions if there’s something you’d love to see that we don’t make.

About John and Kayla

We joke that John Brownstone is research and development (blame that devious, sadistic mind of his) and Kayla Lords is marketing. John is production, and Kayla is shipping. Make no mistake, The Kinkery is John’s space, but Kayla has a role to play (*waves from the keyboard while writing this*). As with everything else, we’re a team and a partnership. (Also, when your package includes too much bubble wrap, blame Kayla.)

John Brownstone aka Southern Sir has been kinky forever, but only embraced his dominant and sadistic side in 2000. His top kink is impact play followed closely by bondage, especially rope bondage. He loves to mix and mingle in the local kink community, attending workshops and Dom meetings whenever possible, as well as watching and participating in the fun at our local BDSM dungeon.

Kayla Lords (no “aka” here, you’ll find her everywhere as Kayla Lords) figured out she was kinky at around the same time she figured out how to have good sex — after a divorce and in her 30s, in 2012. She’s a sex writer and podcaster who embraces her babygirl side and considers NOT getting a spanking the real punishment. She doesn’t want to watch a scene but can’t wait to be strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross at the dungeon!

Now that you’re here…

We invite you to check out the Kinkery shop! With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our production slowed to a crawl as supplies and tools have been difficult to get, but we continue to produce as much as we can, and we have ideas for so much more.

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