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Wooden Wax Play Knives


Our wooden wax play knives are modeled from the real thing with a genuine sharp edge and tip. Great for knife play without the blade or for removing dried wax after wax play. You get all of the sensation play you crave while staying within yours or your partners limits.



Want to try knife play but consider blades a hard limit? Looking for something to remove dried wax after kinky sensation play with wax — and don’t feel comfortable with a real knife? Our wooden wax play knives are modeled from the real thing with a genuine sharp edge and tip. (Yes, if you tried hard enough, you could hurt yourself — or someone else).

These wooden wax play knives were an alternative after Kayla named knives a hard limit but we needed an easy wax removal tool during wax play. Choose from a variety of exotic woods and enjoy the sensation within your boundaries.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × .75 × 1.5 in

Black and White Ebony, Bloodwood and Maple, Bloodwood and Oak, Bocote and Oak, Canarywood and Maple, Canarywood and Oak, Cherry and Maple, Cherry and Oak, Honey Locust and Oak, Lacewood and Oak, Orange Osage and Maple, Paduak and Oak, Pau Rosa and Oak, Purpleheart and Maple, Purpleheart and Oak, Quilted Bloodwood and Maple, Rosewood and Maple, Tigerwood and Maple, Tigerwood and Oak, Walnut and Oak, Wenge and Oak

4 reviews for Wooden Wax Play Knives

  1. Tonya Thompson (verified owner)

    We love our wooden knife and it is a great alternative for us since real knives freak me out. It creates a great scrapping/scratchy sensation when scraping off wax.

  2. Crystal Harris (verified owner)

    We got this for sensation play as well as for wax scraping. I love the scraping sensation and it works beautifully for removing wax. However, it is also, as stated in the description, quite sharp, especially at the tip. I don’t have the highest tolerance for a lot of pain, however, I love anything that will leave lasting marks. This is so wonderful for scoring marks into flesh that will last a couple of days that is very tolerable for me, and doesn’t have the obvious danger of playing with real knives. The craftsmanship is gorgeous, and the handle is has a perfect grip. HIGHLY recommend these!

  3. Bones (verified owner)

    Awesome craftsmanship. If you’re thinking about knife play and don’t want to use a real knife, this is for you. Not too sharp but not too dull with a fairly sharp point. Highly recommend! My new favorite toy! Great value for a beautiful knife.

  4. Jose G. (verified owner)

    Beautifully hand crafted fron the get go. Craftsmanship is top notch and you can tell it was made with great skill but also much pride. Shipping was excellent and packing was just as good. Highly recommended these knives. The color alone is beautiful but there are the closest you can get to actual steel and the quality will not disappoint. Will definetly be purchasing more items if this is the quality they all show.

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