The Kinkery Origin Story

The Kinkery's origin story might not be as fascinating as a superhero's but we do have a beginning that dates back to 2016.

How cool would it be if we could tell our origin story about a radioactive spider bite that gave us spider-like abilities? Or maybe an origin story of working with gamma ray experiments that went tragically wrong but now green is our favorite color?

Our story is a bit more mundane than that, but we do have a beginning! (Doesn’t everyone??) You can listen to us talk about it on a recent Loving BDSM podcast episode. But to make a long story short…

In the beginning…

I began my wood-turning journey in 2014 with a gift certificate to a woodturning class, a gift from Kayla. It was a generic pen turned with mediocre skill, but I was hooked. I thought I’d always turn pens, maybe a few bowls — I had plenty of ideas for small vanilla things. Within a year or two, though, I’d turned my sights to the kinky fuckery side of things.

I experimented with making impact play toys for us to use together starting with the Triple Threat (not available for sale). I took three wooden dowels and held them together with rubber at one end for a handle. Not much to look at, it definitely gets the message across when we play.

From there, I tried my hand at wooden paddles, made from oak I purchased at the local home improvement store. Nothing complex but certainly impactful. We thought it would be something I made for us. Until one (maybe both?) of us had the idea to take it farther, make more, see if anyone wanted one for themselves.

Our first store…

The Kinkery would not be what it is today without the first iteration of our store opened in 2016. It was a basic set up, hosted at A few pictures I took on our bed (you may see a few floating around here for a while), a quick listing description, and a price. That was it. It was a no frills online shop. We didn’t have social media accounts for it, and we barely remembered to tell people it existed.

But once we started, we were amazed at the response. Kinksters wanted my simple wooden paddles with paracord-wrapped handles. By 2017, I was experimenting with styles, figuring out what I could make with the tools I had on hand. I changed the style of the red oak paddles to give them curved edges (sharp edges hurt, as Kayla can tell you). I added canes to the line-up, and then the Lolli — a lollipop-inspired paddle.

At the same time, I also reverse-engineered our pervertibles. Tired of breaking paint sticks, hair brushes, and ping pong paddles over Kayla’s ass, I reproduced the style with hard wood. But that was just the beginning. New styles of paddles followed, like the Holy Terror. At the request of a UK friend, I made my first wooden anal plug, and then several more. Then came wooden knives, evil sticks, and more!

All of it lived at the old shop, but at some point we realized we could do so much more than a basic online store that we forgot about until someone ordered something.

And the Kinkery was born. We spent six months developing the new site, moving over inventory, re-taking pictures, and trying to make it the best BDSM shop we can. We also know that we’ll learn more as we go, and it will continue to grow and improve.



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