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The Holy Terror


Call this the Holy Terror. The weight of the wood and design of the paddle offer a thudding sensations. The holes bring the stinging pain.



We call this the Holy Terror. Looks can be deceiving, so you might think this is a simple paddle, until it lands on your ass with a whistling whoosh! The unique weight of the wood used (different for each paddle) and shape offer a thudding sensation. The holes bring the stinging pain. Both leave quite an impression on the mind and the ass. This is a definite weapon of ass destruction.

These are limited edition spanking paddles made with various types of exotic wood. The grain and color will vary with the type of wood used. Each are slightly different thicknesses and weights, as well. They all offer a unique spanking experience, but they all bring the pain, too.

As always play safe sane, and consensual!


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1/2 Granadillo, 1/2 Red Cedar, 1/4 Curly Makore, 1/4 Figured Walnut, 1/4 Granadillo, 1/8 Canarywood, 1/8 Figured Walnut, 3/4 Mesquite, Canarywood, Chechen, Large Sarai Rosewood, Mesquite, Small Sarai Rosewood


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