Holiday Shipping Update

If you’re buying kinky holiday gifts this season, make sure you place your order so can arrive in time for the holidays! Keep these dates/timeframes in mind:

  • Resin Inlay and Resin Cane handles will take up to three weeks to make and ship. If you place an order in November, we will do our best to ship it in time for the holidays.
  • For US orders, place your order by December 13 with Standard shipping or December 18 with Priority/Expedited shipping to (hopefully) arrive in time.
  • International orders: Order as soon as possible and select Expedited/Priority shipping to help it arrive in time.

We cannot guarantee that your order will arrive in time regardless of when you order or the type of shipping you select. That’s in the hands of USPS and whatever deity you believe in.

Evil Sticks

Evil sticks — and their mean cousin, Diabolical Sticks — are a bit like mini canes except they hurt more, can be used in tight spaces, and require very little effort to bring the pain. Pull the tip back slightly and let it go against the skin. Even the happiest masochist will have to admit these toys are just plain mean…in the best possible way.