White Soy Wax Play Candle (Dye-Free)

Love the idea of wax play but hate the sharp, intense heat of most wax play candles? Try soy candles for a gentle warmth instead! Choose from two sizes in a dye-free option that dries in a creamy off-white!

The stainless steel container has a pour spout and a handle for easy pouring.


White Soy Wax Play Candle (Dye-Free)


Soy wax play candles are the gentlest form of heat in wax play. Instead of a sharp or burning sensation, most people tend to feel an intense warmth. This is Kayla’s preferred wax to use during wax play scenes.

Our white soy candles are made of 100 percent soy, hand-poured, and dye-free — ideal for anyone with sensitivities or allergies to dyes. The wax looks creamy and off-white in the container and pours “clear.” The first layer may not appear white or off-white, depending on your skin tone. To achieve the white or creamy color, pour it thickly on the skin or in layers to build it up.

All of our wax play candles are fragrance-free.

The melting point of soy candles is between 115Ā° and 120Ā° Fahrenheit making it the gentlest heat available for wax play.

Soy Candle Info:

  • Two sizes available by volume:
    • 3 oz
    • 5 oz
  • 100 percent soy
  • Fragrance-free
  • Frosting in soy (the appearance of a lighter color) is normal
  • Bubbles or pulling away from the container are also normal

To use your soy wax play candle, follow these tips:

  • Before each use, trim the wick to 1/4″ in length.
  • Light the candle.
  • Allow time for the wax to melt and create a pool.
  • When you’re ready to pour, blow out the candle.
  • Hold the container by its handle and pour the wax onto the skin.
  • Repeat as often as desired.

Before use, apply an oil-based lotion or cream to the skin for easier wax removal.

To remove soy wax from the skin, follow these tips:

  • Before playing, put down old towels, a shower curtain liner, or waterproof sheets
  • Allow the wax to dry on the skin.
  • Use a sharp edge, like a wooden knife (or a real one) or a credit card to scrape the wax off the skin.

Soy wax is still soft as it comes off the skin. It can get into the fibers of your carpet or towel and stain bedding.



Additional information

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Candle Size

Small – 3oz, Large – 5oz


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