Thick Stick

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Is the Thick Stick a cane? Is it a paddle? It’s a bit of both! This long, narrow paddle is an inch wide and half an inch thick with sharp corners. It brings the pain, the heat, and above all, the STING!


Thick Stick


If you’re old enough to remember being told to go get a switch and make sure it’s big enough for the ass-whooping some relative was about to inflict, the Thick Stick might feel familiar to you. It takes the best parts of a cane – long, narrow, and stinging – and combines it with the best of wooden paddles.

Consider this the older, more mature cousin of the Slapstick. It’s lightweight and easy to wield. Even better, it gets into the hard to reach places. And, it can be used to give much needed correction.

The sensation is sharp, stinging, and as painful as you want to make it. Watch out for the corners (those aren’t rounded) as they’ll definitely hurt. But that might be exactly what you want.

Each Thick Stick has a laminated handle to create a more comfortable grip. That means the entire stick is sandwiched between two thin pieces of wood at the handle area. The wood used for the handle varies based on availability. It is often a contrasting color to the thick stick wood.

Thick Stick Info:

  • 18 inches long
    • Paddle area: 13 inches long
    • Handle: 5 inches long
  • 1 inch wide
  • 0.50 inches thick
  • Weight varies based on wood type
  • Finished in Wood Butter

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 18 × 1 × .5 in

Ash, Black Locust, Black Walnut, Cherry, Curly Maple, Honey Locust, African Mahogany, Mystery Wood

8 reviews for Thick Stick

  1. Michael Tynkaluk (verified owner)

    I am sorry, but you put the wrong room number (or somewhere it got changed) on the shipping instructions. I have yet to receive the stick.

    • Kayla

      We’re so sorry you haven’t received your package yet. I just sent you an email regarding your order so you know what next steps to take with your local postal service to find out why you haven’t received your package yet.

  2. Terry (verified owner)

    Outsanding little pet beater. Thumpy and sharp. Leaves lovely reminders on soft flesh.

  3. Tatiana (verified owner)

    Absolutely prefect! All thud when held down on impact, all sting when lifted immediately. No smack (think flat paddle) so it’s perfect for my tastes! I am hooked on it and everyone who holds it is intrigued and enjoys it so far.

  4. Bill

    Which option is the light handled one?

    • Kayla

      The lighter handles are only included on the Black Walnut thick sticks, because Black Walnut is dark brown.

  5. Aaron

    What is the heaviest wood used for this item?

    • Kayla

      Black Locust is the heaviest wood available in Thick Sticks.

      December 2023 Update: We now have a “mystery wood” Thick Stick that is heavier than Black Locust. Quantities are limited, and we can’t guarantee it will ever be back in stock again.

  6. Aaron

    Thank you!

  7. Sir (verified owner)

    Highly effective, highly recommend

  8. Jared (verified owner)

    This thing definitely packs a sting. I love that the edges aren’t rounded like the other paddles 🙂

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