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:tada: We're celebrating our first anniversary for the rest of October! Use code **ONEYEAR** to save 10 percent off everything! :tada:

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The Rough Rider Paddle


Combine your love of impact play with your love of rope (whether as actual bondage or just the esthetic) with the Rough Rider paddle. The paddle itself is lightweight and fairly thin but the hemp rope adds weight and heft to each strike. Plus you get a little extra sensation play when you run the rope across your skin (or your partner’s!).



Do you like thud? Do you like sting? What about some rough sensation?

The Rough Rider paddle offers all three. Slide it over the skin for a scratchy warm-up and then ride the waves of sensation with each smack! Watch out for those knots on the back. They’re a perfect reminder of who’s in charge!

Made from a variety of woods, including Ash and Black Walnut, the Rough Rider paddle is then woven with hemp rope to create a bound look. The woven rope side gives a deep thuddy impact. Flip it over and the knot and wood side delivers some delightful sting. Run the rope side over the skin for some rough sensation to tickle the senses.

This paddle is small enough to be used for an over the knee spanking or any other way you like. The handle is wrapped in paracord for comfort. Choose your favorite color from the options in the drop down or skip the paracord and let the natural wood shine through.

Rough Riders are finished using our natural wax finished aka Wood Butter.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 12 × 3.5 × 1 in
Wood Types

Ash, Walnut

Paracord Colors

Purple, Red, Red and Black, Green and Black, Pink and Black, Rainbow, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple and Black, Black, None


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