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Giving me a pounding, but make it cute! If you love pounding spankings, you’re going to love the Pounder. Don’t let this simple paddle fool you — it delivers thumpy smacks and slappy thuds! Quick, light taps will product a stinging smack, but put some intensity behind it, and the thud will go right through you.



These wooden paddles come in at 12 inches long 2 inches wide and a 1/2 inch thick. While they may seem small, they definitely pack a punch. They’re slightly smaller and narrower than the Ass Beater, Jr but big enough to whoop someone’s ass.

Every Pounder is finished in our natural wax, Wood Butter, which conditions and protects the wood while allowing the natural grain to shine through.


  • Made in a variety of woods
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Thickness: 1/2 inch
  • Natural finish using Wood Butter

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 0.50 in

Paduak, Bocote, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Purpleheart, Rosewood, Curly Birch, Quilted Cherry, Bloodwood, Cherry, Black Locust, Purpleheart Laminate, Rosewood Laminate

2 reviews for Pounder

  1. Davie Elise (verified owner)

    I’ve owned floggers and crops, but before this purchase, the closest thing I owned to a paddle was a ruler. The Pounder was a great introduction into paddles.

    The paddle is beautiful wood. I personally selected the rosewood option. I received the last in stock (at the time of purchase) and feel quite lucky! The wood is real and it shows with the rawness. There’s perfection to be found in the imperfect. It is to be expected with real wood. I have heard some people not be aware of this. The color is something I could surround myself with. My paddle looks like it belongs in a cozy cabin. It surpassed my expectations in the color. It is more beautiful in person than in the photos. I thought the shape may not be for me but in our hands it is fine. I love it. I wish I could display it!

    The cost is great for the quality. It would be what I consider average in size. The thickness is on point. It feels great in your hand. It has weight but not so much so it can not be utilized easily. Not only does it feel natural in my grip, it feels wonderful being the receiver. I am new to a serious impact. It was as Kayla described, it gives a thud feeling. I feel the this been in my cheeks and on the surface is just enough sting. To me, the mild sting coupled with the this is satisfying.

    I felt like I was getting something from a celebrity. It was fun to receive something that was made by JB himself!

  2. Kaycee (verified owner)

    Ordered the purple heart pounder and it has been a great toy. The wood is beautiful, the finish is amazing. It’s more stingy than the description had me expecting, but that’s not a complaint.

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