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3/8 Inch Delrin Cane with Resin Handle


These 3/8 inch Delrin canes feature custom-made, hand-poured, and hand-turned resin handles that feel comfortable (in your hand!) with each strike. Delrin is a light plastic that delivers the feel of an old fashioned cane but is also flexible and can be used as an over-sized evil stick. It delivers maximum ouch. Kayla calls this the original weapon of ass destruction. Also, she apologizes to any submissive or bottom about to feel the heat from this cane.

The resin handle adds a special touch to what may be your new favorite torture device! Choose from a variety of colors!



The cane is the same, but the handle has changed. It’s made of resin and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors — with a bit of glittery sparkle! It feels good in your hand and delivers a maximum whollop with each strike. Sturdy and flexible, you can bend the cane back to bring extra heat and pain.

With 21 inches of total length and 3/8 inch thickness, this delrin cane creates a nice sound connection and makes Kayla say, only half-jokingly, “Why don’t you love me?!”

Delrin, a polymer plastic that stands up to the roughest use, is very easy to clean and sanitize.

The handles sit firmly in your hand and add comfort for long sessions. Each handle is turned individually without a template, and you may see slight variations from cane to cane. Because each color combination is mixed and poured by hand, each version (of the same colors) will be slightly different as well.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

As always, play safe, sane, and consensual!


  • Total length: 21 inches
  • Cane length: 15 inches
  • Cane thickness: 3/8 inch
  • Cane material: Delrin
  • Handle material: Resin
  • Choose from multiple color combinations!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 21 × 1.25 × 1.25 in
Resin Cane Handles

Blue and Black, Green and Black, Pink and Black, Purple and Black, Red and Black, Silver and Black, Turquoise and Blurple

1 review for 3/8 Inch Delrin Cane with Resin Handle

  1. Daddy’s princess (verified owner)

    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my Dom bf. In a LDR so our Christmas was last weekend. He LOVED it. Specifically, he liked the aesthetic of the handle and more practically, its grip. We took it for a test run and this cane along with the ass beater jr took me to sub space for the first time. We’re new kinksters and while I begged for more, he knew when to stop. I’m glad he did…I was so sore for like a week. We already have the 1/4” and it’s BRUTAL. That one is reserved for punishments. This 3/8” one though…that one is pure bliss.

    10/10 – would recommend

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