Resin Inlay Paddles - Ready Made

Don’t want to wait a few weeks to get a custom resin inlay paddle? Check out what we’ve already made!

All ready made resin inlay paddles are sold as-is and cannot be changed or customized further. If you’d rather have something in a different wood or resin color, check out our made-to-order resin inlay paddles.


Resin Inlay Paddles - Ready Made


Normally, our resin inlay paddles are made-to-order, meaning you select what you want and then we make it for you. But we recently found an entire stash of already made resin inlay paddles. Some are the early test models. Others are mistakes we’ve made. For example, a customer might have ordered a black walnut paddle with a heart but we accidentally cut a moon or they asked for pink resin but we messed up and used yellow.

The paddles are solidly made and the same quality you’d expect from the made-to-order options — but the wood, shape, and colors are pre-selected. Even better, you don’t have to wait two to three weeks to receive it!

Once a ready made paddle is sold, it’s gone for good. If you want one you see here but don’t buy it before someone else gets it, you can always order it the “old-fashioned” way here.

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Ready Made

Large Ash – Moon and Star, Small Black Walnut – Heart #1, Small Black Walnut – Star, Small Ash – Star, Small Black Locust – Moon, Small Ash – 8-point Star #1, Small Black Walnut – Heart #2, Small Ash – 8-point Star #2


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