We’re Turning One! | Celebrating Our First Anniversary

To celebrate the first year in operation, we're looking back at all the *new* products we've introduced since we opened!

The Kinkery officially launched on October 22, 2020. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic.

But, if you’re new here, you might not realize that while “The Kinkery” has only been around a little while, we’re not new to making and selling weapons of ass destruction.

Before the Kinkery, there was a little no-name shop that we barely promoted. It was there to house John Brownstone’s toys, and if someone happened to want one, we could sell it to them.

At the end of 2019, though, we decided to get serious about these toys.


Because we’d received direct feedback from kinksters in our local area at a kinky holiday market. They loved our stuff. And wanted more of it!

The Kinkery, as an idea, was born.

It wasn’t until October that we were ready to let the world in on our kinky secret. And thanks to the amazing Loving BDSM audience, it succeeded beyond our wildest imagination.

From that point to now, our mission has been to make paddles and other toys that intrigue us as much as they excite our customers. And so far, we’re making good progress.

We thought on our first anniversary, we’d look back at the new toys and products introduced just in the past year.

Paddles, Paddles, and More Paddles

We looooooove paddles. They’re one of our personal favorites for impact play. So it’s no surprise to us that we’re always finding new ways to make old favorites.

cropped image of four Rough Rider paddles, two facing up to show lines of hemp rope, two facing down to show knots of rope in the wooden paddle

What started as a custom order has quickly become a customer favorite: it’s the Rough Rider.

The paddle is simple enough. But what makes it so unique is the rope running across the paddle and knotted on the back. It’s not as scratchy or uncomfortable as you might think at first glance. But those knots may bring stars to your eyes!

Next up, came the Pop-o-Colors.

Blame me for this one. When JB told me about Unicorn Spit (a water-based stain available in a variety of gorgeous colors), I knew we had to incorporate it into paddles in some way. We use the base paddle styles we started with: small, large, and hairbrush. But now we make them POP (see what we did there?) with color!

After that, we revamped some old favorites. The large red oak became Ass Beater and the small red oak is now the Ass Beater, Jr.

Why? Because we no longer use red oak wood. And we made it in those pre-Kinkery days before we started naming our paddles. So now, these new versions of old favorites are available in a variety of woods. And they still feel good in the hand and on the butt. As they should.

Last, but not least, we’ve just released two new styles of paddles right in time for our anniversary.

One is a re-release that we call the Pounder. It was formerly the Purple Pounder but it was a limited edition item in purpleheart. The new version is available in several wood types, including purpleheart!

The other is a cleaver-style paddle we call the Enforcer. It looks a little intimidating but it’s a smacky kind of paddle. Definitely good if you’re coming in at an angle.

Same Old Cane, Gorgeous New Handles

four 1/4" white delrin canes with resin handles; colors from left to right: green and black, blue and black, red and black, and purple and black

Another addition to the shop this past year has been a revamp of our canes. We continue to carry the same 1/4″ and 3/8″ delrin canes that we always have.

But now they come in a variety of handle types.

Bored with plain old wood? Try the exotic wood handles.

Love to add color to your toy bag? We’ve got cane handles in hand-mixed, hand-poured resin. They’re freaking gorgeous!

The canes still hurt like hell. Because of course they do. But now they look even better while doing it.

Shop all of our canes here.

Babygirl’s Corner

We don’t officially call it that. But that’s how we think of two new products introduced in the past year.

feminine hand holding both kinky butt planner sticker sheets over purple background

I love small, colorful things. And I’ve recently learned I love making things.

When JB gave his blessing, I started cranking out stickers left and right.

That’s right, here at the Kinkery, you can buy both a paddle for your toy bag and a sticker for your planner. And sometimes you can find a sticker that looks like the paddle you just purchased.

Fun, right?

I also love all things resin. All the ways you can color it, make it sparkle, and make it look like almost anything. The Dynamic Keychains are the result of that.

The keychain sets are designed for couples so have a token of affection you can use in public without getting weird looks or uncomfortable questions.

Gift Cards

image of kinkery gift card for $25

We knew from the moment we opened the shop that we wanted to offer gift cards. Because it’s not always easy to pick a kinky toy your partner will love.

Especially if one of you is the type of top who likes to be in control of every detail. (*cough* me!)

Gift cards are a great option if you know you want to gift your partner a toy, but you don’t know exactly what to get.

Let them choose instead!

Plus, we’ve all been in that situation of realizing at the absolute last second it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary. The easiest, fastest gift (from anywhere, for any reason) is always a gift card. The second easiest and fastest gift is a quick scene…the perfect solution if funds are tight and you’re kinky.

Wood Butter

two ounce and sample size wood butter next to ass beater wooden paddle

One last thing for the year. (And isn’t that enough?!)

We changed how we finish the wooden paddles we make.

Before, we used a polyurethane finish that left the wood glossy. It was nice, but something was missing.

And then JB discovered wood butter. The idea isn’t ours, and the base recipe is a common one. (Though he’s tweaked it over time.)

It’s a wood conditioner AND finisher. So the paddles are protected while also bringing out the natural grain of the wood.

You can use it on any wooden item you own, toy or otherwise, though it works best on wood that hasn’t been finished with poly finishes. Anytime your wood looks dull or beat up, apply wood butter, and it’ll look like new in no time.

We sell 2 ounce tins and we provide a free sample with every order of a paddle that’s finished in Wood Butter!

It’s been a busy, busy year, y’all! And we’re just getting started. Thanks for being here with us for the past year, and we hope you’ll stick around for the years ahead!



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