New Product: New Cane Handles

We're introducing our newest products to the shops: same canes you love but with brand new handles!

Our white Delrin canes have been part of our weapons of ass destruction from the beginning. In fact, they were the second experiment John Brownstone ever tried after playing around with dowels.

Since the beginning, the focus of our canes has been on the Delrin. The handles were meant to be attractive and comfortable but the cane was the star of the show.

The Delrin rod still matters most but we’re giving our canes a bit of an upgrade. You can still purchase our original style, but now you can also choose from exotic wood and resin handles, too!

Exotic Wood Cane Handles

close-up of three 1/4" white delrin cane with exotic wood handles; from left to right: ebony, purpleheart, and bocote

The one thing hasn’t changed at all is we still offer canes in two sizes: 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch. The quarter-inch is bendy, whippy, and very painful. The 3/8 inch hurts too but it doesn’t bend as much and the pain is a bit deeper, almost thuddier.

I say that as someone who’s had both sizes across my ass multiple times.

The exotic wood handles feature woods we’ve used in paddles and slapsticks so they may sound familiar. Because of the unique colors and wood grains, your cane is more than a weapon. It’s now stunning to look at, too.

We currently offer three to choose from (and may add more over time):

  • Bocote
  • Ebony
  • Purpleheart

Shop 1/4″ Canes

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Resin Handles

seven 3/8" white delrin canes with resin handles lined up next to each other; from left to right the colors are silver and black, blurple and turquoise, purple and black, blue and black, pink and black, red and black, green and black

In what may be the biggest departure from our usual sort of fuckery, we’re branching out into handles made with a different material: resin. Resin is a liquid acrylic that dries and cures to harden into an extremely durable handle.

As with anything (including wood), yes, it can technically break, but you have to work really hard at it. If you drop it on a concrete floor, it’s likely to crack. But it won’t shatter in your hand just because you squeeze too hard.

What we love about working with resin is that we can make it look like almost anything and in nearly any color. So we’re offering a lot of dual color combinations (with plans for more!):

  • Blue and black
  • Green and black
  • Red and black
  • Purple and black
  • Pink and black
  • Silver and black
  • Blue-purple and turquoise

We also had glitter to the resin so you get an extra sparkle, too!

Shop 1/4″ Canes

Shop 3/8″ Canes

Can you request custom color combinations? Absolutely! Right now, that’s done by contacting us directly: click here.



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