New Products: Pop-o-Color and Planner Stickers

We've launched two new products this month! Learn more about them here!

We’ve been busy bees for the past several weeks. Busy kinky bees, as it were because we’ve got two new products to tell you about this month! Let’s get right into it.

Pop-o-Color Paddles

four pop-o-color large paddles in pink, turquoise, aqua, and blue over wooden background
Large red oak styles in hot pink, turquoise, aqua, and blue!

Our latest paddle will look slightly familiar in design but there’s a major difference that makes this feel like something brand new. The Pop-o-Color paddle is a colorfully stained red oak paddle available in three styles:

  • Small Red Oak
  • Large Red Oak
  • Hairbrush

Yes, those are the styles of our first and simplest paddles. Usually you choose your favorite paracord color for the handle. Now you get to choose it in your favorite color, instead!

The Pop-o-Color paddle is stained in a single color of Unicorn SpitTM and we currently have several colors in our shop waiting to be used: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, aqua, turquoise, purple, and hot pink. Basically, the entire rainbow. So we’re encouraging you to ditch “tasting” the rainbow, and feel the rainbow instead…right on your ass!

In terms of sensation, both the small and large pop-o-color paddles will create more of a thud over the hairbrush style which will be more stinging due to how thin and light it is. With the right angle and intensity, though, the small and large versions can also feel very slappy.

We’ve introduced these new paddles with limited colors and numbers but we’ll be adding more to the stock as often as we can! And if you’re curious, yes, we plan to do paddles in multiple colors, too. Those are coming — stay tuned!

Shop our current selection here.

Kinky Planner Stickers

All five new kinky planner sticker styles

On April 1, 2021 we launched our new line of kinky stickers and they were a resounding success! At the time, we promised to release more planner stickers, beyond just our variety sheets and here we are!

We’ve released five styles with more planned for the future. If there’s a large die-cut sticker you love but you don’t see a planner version of it (and want one), you can always reach out and let us know. The current single-sheet styles include:

We encourage kinky folks who love using stickers in your planners to check out the planner stickers. They’re a great way to commemorate a kinky fuckery moment, schedule future fuckery, or simple add your kinky personality to something that rules your vanilla life.

One of the stickers in the list above may surprise you. Why the Loving BDSM logo? If you didn’t know, we, the owners of the Kinkery, also co-host Loving BDSM. It’s a podcast, a YouTube channel, and a website. Plus we have a Patreon. So there’s always a lot going on. If you’re a #proudcricket, you may love adding the logo to your planner — especially to help you remember when we go live on YouTube or when a new podcast episode comes out!

Four of planner sticker sheets include 30 stickers per sheet and each sticker measures approximately .75″. The Holy Terror sheet only has 28 due to the size and shape of that sticker, and it measures about an inch long and .5″ across at the widest section. All are printed on matte paper and are not waterproof or weatherproof.

Shop the entire planner sticker collection here

We hope you love our new products as much as we do!



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